Penn Electric Racing is the University of Pennsylvania’s Formula SAE Electric Team. Each year, they build award winning, fully electric racecars that aim to push the envelope, bringing together Penn’s brightest engineers in the process.

  • 100 Students. 53 Sponsers. 1 Team. 
  • 10 years. 9 cars. 39 trophies.
  • 75m in 3.807s, a formal American record.
  • 0-60mph in 2.65s, a former North American EV Record
  • 13 custom circuit boards. 30,000+ lines of code.
  • 200,000+ hours spent learning.

**Leading-Edge Composites and Penn Electric Racing: A Proud Partnership for Advancement**

The motor racing landscape is continuously evolving, with electric vehicles becoming a defining feature. At the center of this evolution is the robust partnership between Leading Edge Composites, based in Coatesville, PA, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Electric Racing Formula SAE Electric team.

Leading Edge Composites, has always been at the forefront of the composite materials industry. Their commitment to pushing material science’s limits and creating top-tier components has solidified their industry excellence. Recognizing the potential of the Penn Electric Racing team, Leading Edge Composites is immensely proud to sponsor one of collegiate racing’s rising stars in the electric vehicle segment.

The Penn Electric Racing team, stemming from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, has consistently showcased their engineering brilliance in the Formula SAE Electric competition. Their dedication and prowess represent the future of motor racing, marrying technological advancements with performance.

So, why does this partnership resonate so deeply with Leading Edge Composites?

Being at the helm of material science and composite innovation, Leading Edge Composites sees immense value in combining their expertise with the engineering talent of Penn Electric Racing. The potential for creating groundbreaking electric vehicles is vast. With Leading Edge’s top-notch composite materials at their disposal, the team is poised to develop electric racing cars that not only embody the future but also set performance benchmarks.

This sponsorship goes beyond just funding for Leading Edge Composites. It’s a manifestation of their pride and belief in the next generation of engineers and innovators. By supporting the Penn Electric Racing team, Leading Edge Composites is making a resounding statement about their dedication to fostering innovation and promoting excellence in electric vehicle technology.

Beyond the racetrack, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of combining industry prowess with academic brilliance. Such synergies serve as a beacon for other institutions and industries, emphasizing the importance of nurturing and investing in innovative endeavors.

In conclusion, the alliance between Leading Edge Composites in Coatesville, PA, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Electric Racing team is not merely transactional. Leading Edge Composites takes immense pride in being a part of this journey, championing the spirit of innovation and engineering excellence. As the world tunes into the next Formula SAE Electric series, one thing remains certain: with partnerships like these, the future of racing is bound to be electrifying.