Leading Edge Composites will be exhibiting at the  2023 NBAA | BACE Convention October 17-19


Leading Edge Composites Soars High at NBAA BACE Convention in Las Vegas!

Greetings from vibrant Las Vegas! The city is abuzz with the upcoming NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (BACE) from October 17th to 19th. Leading Edge Composites, a beacon in composite solutions, is thrilled to exhibit. Join us at booth C10722 to see firsthand our passion for innovation.

Shining a Light on Our Core Capabilities

  • Design: Our skilled designers craft solutions that are a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Engineering: Our commitment begins at the ideation phase and culminates in the precision of our engineering.
  • Tooling: With advanced in-house tooling capabilities, we sculpt tools tailored to specific project demands, ensuring unparalleled quality.
  • Manufacturing: Transforming concepts into reality, our manufacturing procedures are optimized for crafting enduring composite parts.

Diving Deeper into Our Offerings

  • VIP/EMS/Utility Rotor Interiors: Elevate your rotorcraft experience. From VIP luxury to essential EMS setups and versatile utility interiors, we’ve got your rotor needs covered.
  • VIP/EMS/Utility Fixed Wing Aircraft Interiors: Experience the best in aircraft interiors. Whether it’s luxury VIP seating, EMS essentials, or utility configurations, we customize interiors to fit your exact needs.
  • Multi-Mission Components: Our expertise extends to crafting essential multi-mission components such as pods and radomes, ensuring your aircraft is equipped for any mission.
  • Autonomous Aircraft Components: Pioneering the future of aviation, we design and manufacture components essential for autonomous aircraft, helping chart the path to a new era.
  • VIP Turn Key Products: Offering a holistic solution, our turn key products ensure that VIP aircraft interiors are not just designed, but meticulously crafted and integrated seamlessly.
  • Cabinetry for Aircraft: Every aircraft deserves a touch of luxury. Our master craftsmen meticulously sculpt cabinetry that amalgamates utility with elegance.

For all attendees of the NBAA BACE convention, booth C10722 is a must-visit.  Our team is on hand to share insights, present our extensive portfolio, and discuss future partnerships.

See you in Las Vegas! Safe journeys and clear skies await!