Fixed Wing Aircraft Pods

Overview of Project

Leading Edge Composites designed a pod to deploy sensitive electronic equipment. This is used for a variety of testing, surveillance, or other mission-specific tasks. Deployed by Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian Agencies, this modular design allows the Pod to be quickly reconfigured to meet changing mission requirements.

The Pods unique design of composite material makes them RF transparent perfect for mission-specific applications.   

Project Details

All design, tooling, fabrication, and finishing are done in house at Leading Edge Composites. Work directly with customers to design and exceed the mission requirements of the end-user.

In the case of these Pods, we’ve developed a manufacturing process that gives the highest quality results for the mission-critical tasks this part was designed to do, We use the latest in composite materials, and finishing techniques all sourced and manufactured right here in the USA. 

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Take a look at our stock parts and materials. You can purchase the raw materials from us, or we can help you design and customize your parts or prototypes. 

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