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Medical Cabinets for Bell 429

Leading Edge Composites designed and manufactured Medical Cabinets for the Bell 429 helicopter. Using the latest in composites materials, these cabinets are light strong and will be in use for many years to come. 

Project Details

The impetus for developing the Bell 429 came primarily from the emergency medical services (EMS) industry. The Bell 427 was originally intended to address this market, but the 427’s small cabin size would not adequately accommodate a patient litter, and the systems did not support instrument flight rules (IFR) certification. Bell’s original concept for the 429 was a stretched model 427 (unveiled as the Bell 427s3i at the 2004 HAI helicopter show), but this still did not provide what Bell and its customer advisers were looking for.

Bell abandoned the 427 airframes and went to its MAPL (Modular Affordable Product Line) concept airframe that was still in conceptual development at the time. The 429 employs the all-new modular airframe concept and the advanced rotor blade design from the MAPL program but maintains a derivative engine and rotor drive system from the 427. The basic model includes a glass cockpit and is certified for single-pilot IFR. Bell partnered with Korea Aerospace Industries and Mitsui Bussan Aerospace of Japan in the helicopter’s development.

Leading Edge Composites is proud to manufacture interior components using the lastest in composite materials for these aircraft, and looking forward to continuing serving the first responders and emergency officials. 

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