Our Process

Leading Edge Composites

Leading Edge has the in-house capability to manufacture molds and tooling using the highest quality tooling materials and craftsmanship. Our molds and tooling can be designed to handle a wide range of production volumes, dimensional requirements, and processing conditions depending on customer or project requirements. We have the capability to manufacture pre-preg parts utilizing a variety of materials including carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass with cure temperatures of up to 500° F. Our climate controlled lay-up/clean room is designed to eliminate any possible contamination during fabrication of composite parts, as well as during any modifications or repairs prior to curing.

In addition, Leading Edge Composites has perfected the process of design, layup, and molding of liquid composite parts using VARTM and similar production techniques. These capabilities provide us the opportunity to supply our customers with the most durable, high tech, cost effective and light weight composite parts available.

The employees of Leading Edge Composites have been well trained and have extensive experience in the composite industry. Leading Edge Composites is committed to maintaining ongoing education and training of our staff. We attend numerous product and material trade shows to make certain that we are involved with new and upcoming high tech materials, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the composites industry.